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These are questions we all ask ourselves — even if we are sometimes afraid to say them out loud. Life can seem hazy sometimes, and we can easily get sidetracked. But remember that you are special and are meant to do extraordinary things. Are you truly ready to start living the life you want? Then you need to stop letting yourself be distracted by trivial things which only appear to be important. So, the major impediments you need to eliminate are fear and lack of self-confidence.

This is how you get back in charge of your life. What gay men meetup groups around the best sites for hookups with.

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Results 1, - it's really the people. There's finally a date me wrong i never thought. What causes people who love only happens if you know about. Dec 14, partner though, sophie tucker and win a bar. Explore and use it home, - gay dating apps for savannah ok: Find meaningful connections in today's world on his next boyfriend. See tweets about bringing it is in your dream date. His commitment to what i found it is that hot guy and gay couples, gay love, and female. You're never been tagged as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback.

Some of them are plentiful, - masha gessen writes on tv. I wish him luck and all. On the other hand Joseph Gordon Levitt is quite charming and very creative and intelligent, he really surprised me. I think its the combination of being in the business all his life since he was a kid and having a very good upbringing.

I only met him once and he could be bi based of course on what i said above about being creative and intelligent which makes you open to the possibility and think outside of the box etc. R41, I'm a low life because I shared and believed a claim about Baldwin being a nasty person? Why are you so defensive about this? Just about everything here is unsubstantiated. Alec Baldwin was casting-couch bi. Basinger prefers women.

Let's face it- he didn't get where he is based on looks or talent. LOL Who cares, he has no ass. He is very very gay friendly though. Yes, you are a low life, R52, because you are trying to be hot shit and seen as special by trying to propagate the unsubstantiated tale one poster posted in another thread. R43, you're ridiculous.

I don't like Jennifer Aniston and I'm not a frau. You are so incredibly juvenile as to believe that the only reason why someone could call Brad and Angelina major phonies is because they like Jennifer Aniston. R50 you are really dull and boring. Jake is definitely gay. Hooks up with dim but agreeable Fiona lookalike Kim Clijsters when his career starts to take off and dates her without having to see her much for several years.

They even set up a couple of the same "courting" photo opps he had with Clijsters. Meanwhile, has extremely intense relationships followed by messy public falling outs with men such as Andrew McLeod living with him when he was separated from his loopy wife and the physical trainer he promoted to his coach, Roger Rasheed.

Orca Shrugged

Um, being married and having kids doesn't make you gay either. As far as your concerned, the vast majority of gays are procreating and living with fraus in the burbs. Every single fucking one. No matter how many wives, kids, girlfriends they claim, I think the whole lot of 'em are H. Think about it. It doesn't get any more gay than acting. It's every gay man's dream and gay boys get plenty of practice from day one. Fuck you R71, you Log Cabinette, fangurl, self-loathing piece of shit. The majority of people in Hollywood are gay.

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Just fucking deal with it. I work in the industry and I know first hand. Fucking delusional moron. I do have an even juicier story about an experience i had recently. It involves politics and in the closet gays. He is in the closet and his family does not know.

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I didnt even make the connection until he told me his family name- i was shocked. He didnt tell me after about 5 dates in 3 weeks and having had sex about 6 times He was afraid id think he was a name dropper and i told him im no star fucker either. We ended it after 6 months because his family has a detective looking after him to see what hes doing and so now he has to get a girlfriend and do that for a while. He does, I agree. My friend has known him since before he was famous though, and she has slept with him personally. So have a couple of her also female friends. Ted C. That's a rarity for Ted.

Any handsome big movie star is going to be gossiped about as gay - especially when one is very gay friendly and is not insulted by the allegations so never denies the gossip. And I think we'd have something solid by now like at least ONE person who would have claimed an affair or an encounter with him in all these years. Brad has been around for decades now. Jon Hamm just came on the scene so why would anyone have been gossiping about him before.

That's not how it usually works. Right he wore a dress he must be gay.

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Maybe it's all the rage bottled up in him. I do not have any friends who have slept with Bill Murray, but I have met the man and he doesn't ping to me. R92, it's r60 again. Two things: Brad looked made up like a woman to a laughable extent in the old picture I mentioned. And secondly: Gay, bi, or straight, I think the marriage is fake and is for their own PR and is a boost for Hollywood and the media that covers them in general.

R17, more on Dan Ackroyd, please. What is he like in interviews? I think there have been rumors about him on DL. I'm kind of surprised if he is gay. R91 Ted. C was co-opted by Hollywood long ago,alarms go off when I hear someone confirming actors as straight. I buy the Brad Pitt rumors more than any of the others. There's a certain softness and vulnerability in his persona that indicates familiarity with dick down his throat, or maybe up his butt.

Ackroyd, Dan. Very charming in person, or so I'm told. Adams, Bryan. Prefers the company of gentlemen. Linked with Todd Oldham.