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The premise of the show is still the same — four dear friends living out their golden days together.

"Silver Foxes"

However, the storyline has a refreshingly new witty plot. Three gay men, two in their golden years and one vivacious semi-younger gent, plot to get their fourth friend out of an awful nursing home.

After a successful escape, which no doubt has a lot of laughs along the way, the show goes on to capture the everyday lives of the dynamic foursome. The pre-production comedy is still being shopped around to television networks and online streaming platforms.

The Gay ‘Golden Girls’ TV Show Looks Like It Might Actually Happen Thanks to a Big Name Producer

In the meantime, the name for the sitcom has been selected, Silver Foxes and a stellar cast has been assembled to read a completed script. A cast which, to be quite honest, sounds perfectly amazing as is.

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The men in charge have made it clear that hiring gay actors is a top priority. Click here to read more about Silver Foxes at Pride.

A Queer Revolution

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Now two original Golden Girls writers are working on a gay version of the beloved sitcom. Those women came together and supported each other. Guess the cat is out of the bag about that secret reading I had last year.

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Fingers crossed that Hulu or a major network has the guts to portray the story of 4 older gay men. A post shared by Stan Zimmerman zimmermanstan on Jun 12, at 9: Despite its obvious parallels to The Golden Girls , Zimmerman says Silver Foxes was actually inspired by Gen Silent , a documentary about the struggles facing LGBT seniors, including isolation and having to go back in the closet when moving into assisted living.

Gay Guys Do Sex and The City

Zimmerman and Berg are now pitching Silver Foxes to networks and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Gay men of a certain age seem to be all the rage these days: