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Since it has been gaining popularity as a means of international exchange in Japan despite its reputation as a hookup app in other parts of the world you may even run across a match only to find out that s he is straight and just wanted to be friends.

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I also recommend 9monsters , a gay dating app that originated in Japan and is popular across Asia. As a matter of fact, I became literate while chatting with singles in my area if I wanted to communicate enough with them to get them to meet. Maybe you want to try your hand at picking up cuties in real life, rather than chatting up babes on the internet.

Depending on your level of Japanese, your best bet will be traveling to a nearby city to visit the real gayborhoods, such as Shinjuku Ni-chome in Tokyo or Doyama-cho in Osaka. They also tend to have a few establishments targeting women, such as my favorite bar Goldfinger… again with the innuendo! If you live in a more rural area, and you have a dependable kanji app with a working knowledge of Japanese, you could try your luck searching for bars in your area on Gclick.

The word is that even rural areas have some kind of gay establishment within an hour radius. Japan, a country which has an annual penis festival, must surely be filled with daily celebrations of homosexuality during pride season, right? Alas, no. It seems that pride events are conducted rather inconsistently in major cities like Sapporo and Kobe, and the only pride festival I was able to confirm for was Tokyo Pride on May 7.

I am new to this, so please be patient--or message me!

Tokyo Gay Personals

I am new to this and I would like to make new friends, and then we can take it from there! People say I am honest, gentle, and that I know how to make people comfortable—I do hope they are Tokyo Gay Dating Curiousblair. Other Tokyo Cities: All rights reserved. Email Address.

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You are a Man Woman. Looking for a Man Woman. Although held irregularly, they are definitely worth attending. They are great opportunities to meet people from outside the city centres who venture in for the night.

There are a number of other semi-regular nights including Lookme and Sista; and local drag events are also a great place to meet like-minded individuals. Dedicated lesbian venues will also hold their own events which range from meet ups, through to book clubs and queer movie nights. A word of warning: My best advice is: Although Tokyo and Osaka are home to two of the biggest scenes in the country, they are not the be all and end all.

Nagoya and Hyogo both have a notable scene and even Fukuoka has a lesbian bar! As with all places, sometimes it just takes a bit of a digging. The top three recommended apps for Japan in my opinion are:. There is mixed success with these apps depending on where you live and who is available in your area.

OKCupid leans heavily towards foreign, English speaking women whilst Spindle is the opposite. You will need at least a little Japanese under your belt for the latter.

Our favorite dating apps to use for meeting new people in Tokyo.

With a bit of patience it can pay off however. Never fear, there is Pride here! Both Tokyo and Osaka play host to a Pride parade once a year. Labels When I first arrived I was forewarned that there are a number of labels in the Japanese scene.

LGBTQ in Japan: Finding Community and Getting Out There - GaijinPot

Without going into too many details there are three key terms you may or may not come across:. To put it bluntly, Japanese women still adhere very closely to gender roles in some cases so be prepared. It is important to note that in Japan most, if not all women are in the closet, and if you happen to choose to date a Japanese woman, or a woman with Japanese heritage here in Japan, you will quickly need to accept the rules of privacy that come along with that.

Most, if not all women are not out at work, and I can safely say that this also applies to a large proportion of the foreign lesbian community working here in either teaching or professional positions. Whether or not you decide to come out in your workplace is entirely up to you. There are mixed opinions surrounding this, and it will always be a contentious issue. At home, a bit of gloating about your weekend exploits was standard fare where I was from; however, Japan is a different beast.

There are co-workers I socialise with outside of work who are aware of my dating habits; however the majority of my colleagues have no idea.