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However, since playing the game and that initial conversation I had about it, I can't help but ask myself, "why aren't there more gay games on mobile? There a growing number of queer games on other platforms - so why are mobile games falling behind?


It's no secret the game's industry hasn't been the most accommodating place to be for anyone other than a straight, white, cis, male. For decades main playable characters would almost always be the "macho man that always saves the girl" archetype. Even some of the biggest problems in the world right now, such as the political establishment of the alt-right, originally found its roots in video games - GamerGate being a prime example. Some efforts are being made make for a more inclusive industry. Google, for example, has set up the awesome Change the Game initiative which supports female game developers.

Where are the programmes that helps queer devs make queer games? Let's take Gaydorado as an example. The game came out in February this year and I hadn't even heard of it until August. That was only through word of mouth, which is an effective form of advertising, but not exactly the most direct. Unfortunately, ad space on mobile seems to be dominated by companies like Voodoo and Ketchapp, leaving very little room for more niche apps.

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Hard to spot It often feels like for a game to make any sort of impact on mobile, it has to appeal to the broadest possible audience. If anything is vaguely different, or would appeal to more niche audience, then off it falls down to the bottomless ocean of unfound mobile games - leading us back to our discoverability problem.

If no one is going to be able to find them, then why bother? The games that do find their way on mobile devices are usually ports from other consoles, and the mobile-only entries are few and far between.

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If Apple and Google really do care about queer content on their stores, then the least they could do is advertise it. Actually let us know that these things exist, make it easy for us to find them, and encourage us to download them. Would it really hurt to extend this all year round? One game that I like is a fairly obscure title called Singles 2: Triple Trouble. Its kind of a rip off of The Sims 2 and the two main story-mode stories are heterosexual, but there is a freeplay mode and you can have same sex pairings and the kissing and sex animations are pretty hot, in my opinion.

The 3D body models are also anatomically correct and do not require any special meshes, but the US version of the game DOES require a mod to remove the censoring when they are naked, pretty similar to how you have to get a fan made patch to remove the blur in the Sims titles. Yeah there are so many good pictures — sexy or cute — of the Male Shepard the only true Shep and Kaidan romance from all three games. Much better choices. COoT is a great little dating sim.

COoT may not appeal to you. Mass Effect 3 did it the best. A lot of developers are scared to raise the bar and write full gay story lines, so they half ass it. They need to work on story lines in general just as much as they work on game play. The games would be 10x better.

It was short, but noteworthy and funny. Coming Out on Top definitely deserves a place on here. See No Evil or anything else by Captain Gerbear deserves a mention, too. What the hell, dude? Maybe the reason queer was used is because there are L, G, B, and T characters on the list.

Gaydorado - Gameplay Walkthrough (Android / IOS)

Agreed that Dragon Age all three games and Mass Effect really just the last one if we are talking about gay males should have different spots on the list, not crammed together. Also agreed about CooT. Obscura, the developer, has been awesome in the process. I was a kickstarter backer and she really involved gay males in the writing process. ME3 did it better for that franchise, in the end.

The first ever gay superhero videogame for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

What is sorely lacking, however, is Coming Out On Top. Obscura worked very hard on making the game more than just titillation, but actually hilarious, inviting, and endearing, with worthwhile plot notes to examine — like dealing with coming out to your friends and to your parents. New Vegas to the list for the effort of making sexuality a part of the game, from mechanics to flavor. You can choose a perk or two if you want to be bisexual that not only allows for stat bonuses to your sex of choice, but also opens flirty and unique dialogue paths and content within the game.

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There are also several queer NPCs and companions in the game, like the brilliant Arcade and the awesome Veronica. And yes Arcade is excellent. Also in Fallout 3 Elliott Tercorian will blatantly flirt with your character regardless of gender. I suppose lol. My Ex-Bf is totally gay themed. Perhaps a blend is better..

Slightly extreme? No, not really… Bioware deserve to be massively lauded for both franchises; both games were an utter relevation to me.

Why aren't there more LGBTQ+ games on the App Store?

Thoughtful, well-written, tasteful and not patronising, I could finally be the action movie hero without being forced into playing it straight. It was awesome — and so far in advance of Hollywood it beggars belief! I would like to see the Bioware team encouraged and congratulated for the risks and effort they have made for us. I take a little offense at manshep being the only true Shep……. Sorry that was meant to be more lighthearted.


You can add this game to your list: I just found this out after playing through this game, but the main male character who is one of the 2 main playable characters is canon gay. The game is Dreamfall Chapters. Not only that but it seems there is budding romance between him and a blue elf dude. The character is also hot af.