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Daily occurance around here. Maybe if people started using the park more and they added more lights it would be better. The biggest problem area is at the parking lot and at the bridge. But mostly by the parking and around the kids play area!!! Most of the men that frequent this park are Hispanic and married to women. They often have little understanding of their sexual orientation and why they feel so compelled to be with men. There is little, if any, support for their sexual confusion in their culture or religion. And so the park becomes a place that is the outlet for that. Some well-off white men come here in the hopes of exploiting their desperation, but for the most part, people who are not socially, economically, and culturally marginalized are meeting up on the internet for gay sex, not hanging out in parks.

The majority of the men in this park are at the bottom of the social hierarchy: Perhaps the situation would improve if the city put the money it invests in sting operations into programs at the local gay and lesbian center that would be designed to reach out to the surrounding Hispanic community?

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There is a HUGE double standard going on, by the way. I jog through this park every day to get my exercise. Almost every time, I see a man and woman embraced, kissing, cuddling next to each other, etc. If these men want to make out with other men in public they should go to the Velvet Lounge. Having sex in our parks is unacceptable.

Again, people who are poor, self-loathing, confused, closeted, and desperate are unlikely to show their faces in a local gay bar. If they felt it was safe to do that, this problem would hardly exist in the first place. The point is that the solution to the problem is not simplistic; it requires major shifts in cultural attitudes along a multitude of spectrums. Amongst other things, I volunteer with the homeless population in Orange County and hear neighbors voice legitimate concerns about having homeless people encamped in their areas.

How many resources do we drain doing it? And where will they go? They will continue to exist as homeless people even if they are removed from location and put in another. There must be long term systematic solutions put in place. The same applies for people who find parks their only viable alternative for meeting others for intimacy. A major crackdown on the park only sends them scurrying elsewhere—to the restrooms at the mall across the street, to the alley behind the stores in downtown Santa Ana, or to the back yard of an abandoned foreclosed house.

We have to provide solutions for why they are engaging in that behavior in that place in the first place. Flip responses and anger will only get you so far in making the world a better place. Compassion and practical solutions that address systemic flaws go much, much further.

New Santa Ana | Why do so many solitary men lurk at Santa Ana’s Santiago Park?

Sounds like the most compassionate, practical solution. Is there no value in it whatsoever? I am open to learning from you. And, again, for the record, I have repeatedly said this behavior is inappropriate. My concern is what to do about it. I saw a few joggers and bikers, but nobody really stopping to hang out and explore.

I did see, as posted above, some men loitering.

Orange County LGBT Pride 2018 - June 23rd in Santa Ana, CA

One was reading, but others were just hanging out. There is certainly nothing wrong with seeking solitude in nature, but these guys were leaning against random trees and one guy was even leaning against some old monkey bars. I just had a general uneasiness and I was becoming agitated when my son got too far away from me so we left.

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  • Why do so many solitary men lurk at Santa Ana’s Santiago Park?;
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The park is symbolic for the city itself. Having worked in Santa Ana for 5 years, it really seems that the city is becoming a lost cause. Sounds like everyone was getting the same creepy feeling when they entered this park.

Man and woman 'ran sophisticated brothel' in Orange County

I saw a bunch of grown men and a couple of teenage boys hanging around the jungle gym. They all seemed very lost. Also some clotes and bags in random spots. Alright, had to put in my 2 cents. Graffiti happens. Shopping carts left in random places happen. Trash happens, and creepers happen.

My friend and I decided to take a walk there yesterday. Kinda strange. Like…LOTS of them. Almost every car there was occupied by a man, with his windows down, just watching. Kinda weird. Be careful, because theres a man over there, hiding in the bushes! Just over there! UMM, creepy. But needless to say, we avoided the area where the supposed man in the bushes was lurking…we actually left the park, took the streets all the way around it, and came back into the park to get to our car.

Like, both me and my friend just felt weary about being there shortly after arriving. Needless to say, it wont be my first choice the next time I decide to stroll in the park. I agree. What is this creep doing at night in the park taking guys Pictures. Is he a serial killer? Who in the world goes to the Park and take a pictures of trash and people hanging out? Specially man.

Is in it what the park is all about it? To hang out? I bet he does not. If anyone should get a life is the guy with the Blackberry btw- Blackberry is outdated cell phone get a new one that he should get life. Or change park.

Gay Rights Movement Becoming More Confrontational with Religious Right

He is not the Law Peace Officer. Taking someones pictures in the park it is just creepy maybe he is a stalker?

Ask yourself. Why would I take a guys pictures at the park? We also did a nature walk at night and I loved this place so much back then. Man you can still remember? So you were legally joining the gay man association under the pretext of YMCA, ha ha ha… Anyone who is going to that park and is complaining is a Voyageur period. No exceptions. Closet case. Peace Out. They had gym classes and such. The only thing it ever stood for was Young Mens Christian Association, not the young mens gay association.

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I was a teenage girl so your point makes no sense. The men leaning against trees sre undercover pigs,restroom masterbaters r pigs trying to entrap gay men. Courts have ruled its illegal to do selective gay stings. Sounds like u. Guys have sex hangups. Im aware of the park and its past but I never seen people having sex or meeting up with males I use to live off santiago and 17th st one thing I did experience at Santiago Park late 12 am I wont ever go back at night.


I love santa ana. I know it was very late came down with 3 other friends to have a quick smoke break outside the truck in parking area for 10 min then when we heard a woman crying out for help in the bottom of the creek and voice. I was wondering if anyone that lives near or have been there late night and has ever. I never heard about that one but a homeless fellow killed another homeless man at night a few years ago.