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But still—year-olds? In an interview, he states that he launched Distinc.

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We think of them more as tasty torsos, but whatever floats your boat. Instead, Distinc.

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Like, perhaps, a bar filled with torsos? Belkin claims Distinc.

Should you be concerned if your son has Grindr on his iPhone?

Hot torsos? We at Distinc. This properly reflects our goal to provide clean, safe, fun, social content for the entire LGBT community.

Gay student surprised his straight BFF wanted to be his spring formal date

However, some have jumped on this announcement as an excuse to tie homosexuality to pedophilia. We want to emphasize that on Distinc. In the future with some tweaking to our current feature set, we could be that place. Meanwhile, because our app is straight friendly, all audiences who use social media can feel comfortable using Distinc.

There you have it. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of apple distinc. Bet most of them will be cops.

This one is screaming for parental locks. Why so hostile to this? There are plenty of Grinders and Scruffs and Growlers, and all the rest.. To be fair to Distinc. When you are 12 years old, you are more likely to just think you are alone and different.

Gay and bisexual male teens use adult dating apps to find sense of community, study shows

I looked at the beta and though this may be a radical new concept for gay men… Meeting people to chat and explore mutual interests outside of sex and the wild hook up…This may indicate an evolution in social consciousness…Nah we gay boys all live in Neverland butt boys forever. Will L: Call me old fashioned, but I would never let my year-old have an iPhone — almost certainly because of apps like this. Good grief. I knew for sure when I was Had I not been so confused by the world telling me I was fucked up and all wrong for liking boys because I was also a boy…Perhaps I would have been happier.

Descend to the lowest aspect…After all we fags are so disgusting and immoral that we cannot be trusted or have any sense of honor or decorum.

What is Grindr? A Parent's Guide

Since its launch, Grindr has been downloaded by over 10 million users from all around the world and, while it is often associated with casual hook-ups and dating, it has also proven itself to be a valuable tool for connecting gay and bisexual men with each other in communities where it would have otherwise been difficult or even dangerous.

This latter fact is why Grindr can be quite popular with gay and bi teenagers who may not have any likeminded friends and are looking to make a connection either socially or romantically with someone nearby. Many also use it for fun in much the same way people download Tinder just to have a laugh at other users' dating profiles.

It is a dating app designed for gay and bisexual adult men and is always promoted as such in its marketing materials.

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While it can be used innocently for fun or to make friends, the majority of Grindr users do use it to search for a romantic or sexual partner and the language and images and video which can be sent between users privately can be highly inappropriate for those who are underage. Grindr is not recommended for underage users. Grindr is used for a range of reasons and users can specify what they're after on their profiles and even filter results to display those who are after the same. For example, a user who is looking for a friendship can perform a search for other users who also want to make a new friend.

The Grinder app is mainly used for those after serious relationships, casual dating, or sexual hook-ups but there are also many who use Grindr when traveling to make friends in cities or countries where they don't know anyone.

Teens and Online Dating Apps

Grinder, like most social networks and apps , is only as safe as its users. While many use Grinder without incident, there have been several reports of dangerous adults targeting teenage users and also a few occurrences of teenagers using it for committing crimes against others as well.

The most worrying aspect of Grindr is that it can be used to out gay and bi people who may still be in the closet. This could result in bullying at school from classmates and teachers or even physical assault.


Due to the graphic nature of conversations and media shared on Grindr, underage users could also develop unhealthy views of relationships and body image.