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Scores of witnesses were being bullied by Cohn or McCarthy or both. But in , he wrote a pamphlet on the evils of Communism and was soon introduced to Cohn. Cohn told friends that they were not.

According to historian David A. Nichols, the president secretly ordered the document to be released to key legislators and the press, and the revelations were explosive, resulting in the Army-McCarthy hearings. Over 36 days, 20 million Americans watched.

It was all there: Cohn played it as a win. After the debacle, he returned to New York and attended a party thrown in his honor at the Hotel Astor. He was irresistible to tabloid writers, always ready with scandal-tinged tales.

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Columnist Liz Smith said she learned to distrust most items he gave her. I was expecting our meal to be one-on-one, but a guest joined us that day. Friedman, in pure Tammany Hall style, worked for the city while assisting Cohn, and would later go to prison for taking kickbacks in a parking-ticket scandal. He would stab all the food off your plate. I wrote then about the moment when hotel titan Bob Tisch came by the table. The lawyer Tom Baer, for instance, did not know what to expect when he got a call one day to meet with Trump. Baer had been recently appointed by Mayor Koch to represent the city in all aspects of what was to become its new convention center, and Baer was trying to line up possible partnerships.

Fuck him. Fuck him! But he is not inclined to agree. Koch [just shook his head and] thought, This guy is ridiculous. I will get you in, but then you are on your own. Go see my father. Check trading. Stone was now, like Donald Trump, inside the Cohn tent. And Stone soon seized the moment to cash in. After Reagan was elected, his administration softened the strict rules for corporations seeking government largesse.

Their first client, Stone recalled, was none other than Donald Trump, who retained him, irrespective of any role Manafort might have had in the firm, for help with federal issues such as obtaining a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the channel to the Atlantic City marina to accommodate his yacht, the Trump Princess. And it came pouring in.

It was all cozy and connected—and reminiscent of Roy Cohn. By , Stone had offered his talents to a new candidate: Trump himself. That year Stone traveled the country to help Trump explore the viability of running as a Reform Party candidate. But at a stop in Florida, things halted abruptly. I am going to my room to watch TV. Donald still believes it.


Stone denied he was fired and says he resigned. All have denied any wrongdoing. I leave a message when I want to speak with him. All along there had been something deeper connecting Stone and Trump and Roy Cohn: Although Stone, like many around Cohn in the 70s and 80s, was too young to have observed how Cohn helped poison America in the McCarthy years, Stone had learned at the feet of Richard Nixon, the ultimate American paranoid.

And the politics of paranoia that Cohn and Stone had cynically mastered would eventually make them kindred spirits. Just as the two of them had come to prominence by exploiting a grave national mood Cohn in the 50s, Stone in the 70s , it was this same sense of American angst, resurgent in , that would ultimately help elect Donald Trump. The heir to that tradition is Donald Trump.

When you combine that with the bare-knuckled tactics of Roy Cohn—or a Roger Stone—that is how you win elections. Roger Stone was there in when Roy Cohn was at his peak. At the time, Cohn was trying to help Trump realize his dream of opening casinos in Atlantic City. Crucial to his success would be a sympathetic New Jersey governor.

And Cohn and Stone were working hard to elect their candidate: Republican Tom Kean. Trump began to purchase boardwalk real estate. He built one casino and bought another. His prospects looked bright. He denied it. He was also battling disbarment—under a cloud of fraud and ethical-misconduct charges.

Cohn tried to keep up a good face. But Trump, among other clients, began to shift his business elsewhere.

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A White House spokesperson says this claim is totally false. Cohn sensed his growing isolation. She was attempting to get it on her own. In the end, Barry got the plum post. This, he thought, could be his ticket out.

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